How (Not) to Fit In - Metaphors of Adolescence  is dedi- cated to a phenomenon with which all people are confronted in the course of their lives: The shaping of one's own personality in interplay with the various influences of the respective environment-adolescence.


Our complex present time entails that its typical dynamics today last a lifetime. Negotiations between the individual and society, between self-perception and the perception of others, or between emancipation and integration are no longer limited to one phase but have developed into recurring social forces. All people have to deal with them - but by no means all in the same way, in the same situations or with the same challenges. Clichés and structural discrimination are addressed, as are imposed role assignments, stereotypical expectations, and the struggle against glass ceilings. How (Not) to Fit In is dedicated to adolescence in its metaphorical sense to present a multifaceted panorama of these complex processes.







curated by: Benedikt Johannes Seerieder



participating artists:


James Gregory Atkinson, Trisha Baga, Bianca Baldi, Coven- Berlin, Christa Joo Hyun D'Angelo, Ed Fornieles, Harry- Hachmeister, Aslı Özdemir, Phung-Tien Phan, Przemek- Pyszczek, Yves Scherer, Britta Thie, Peter Wächtler, Grace- Weaver

exhibition views from the works wir sind beide sechsundzwanzig & mädchenname